10/01/2017 - Turkey: New IP Law

legislationThe Law No. 6769 on the Protection of Industrial Property Rights – approved by the Parliament in December 2016 – entered into force on January 10.

Overall the Law (regulating trademarks, patents, designs, and GIs), simplifies procedures and strengthens enforcement mechanisms.  

With respect to GIs, the main changes concern:

  • The extension of protection to traditional product names;
  • The possibility to request amendments, if a change occurs within the scope of a registered GI;
  • The control period is reduced: from once every ten years to annual controls;
  • An emblem, to be created by the Patent Institute, will be required on the product.

The full text of the Law is available (only in Turkish) @ https://www.tbmm.gov.tr/kanunlar/k6769.html 


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