On 25 April, the EUIPO and the OECD released a report on GIs infringements for Wine, Spirits, Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs in the EU. The main objective of the report is to assess the size and value of the EU GIs products market and the proportion of products in that market that infringe such GIs.

According to the report, the highest share of infringements (42%) is due to imitation or evocation of GIs, while a further 38% is due to misleading information about the origin of products. The remaining 21% of infringements consists of GI products themselves, which the study clarifies is not only the responsibility of producers, as some functional specifications also impose requirements on retailers (who may be responsible for packaging, labelling, slicing and other aspects of the treatment and presentation of GI products).

The report is available @ Report on Infringement of PGI for Wine, Spirits, Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs in the EU

These figures confirm the importance to pursue the work on GI awareness and fight against infringements carried out by oriGIn.


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