Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development ACP-EU (CTA)

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development ACP-EU (CTA) and oriGIn have launched an Electronic Forum on GIs.

This initiative aims to:

  • facilitate the periodical dissemination of key information concerning GIs among ACP stakeholders (producers, researchers, policy-makers, NGOs, etc.);
  • promote the exchange of knowledge and experience among ACP stakeholders;
  • provide advice/guidance in response to specific questions raised by ACP stakeholders.

List of topics addressed icon_pdf
Letter from CTA and oriGIn on the Forum follow-up icon_pdf

Background: Protected Geographical Indications for ACP Countries: A Solution or a Mirage? by Vincent Fautrel, Solene Sureau, Marie-Cecile Thirion, and Massimo Vittori (ICTSD, Eclairage, Volume 8 • Number6)

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In December 2011, the CTA and oriGIn published the “Practical Manual on Geographical Indications for ACP countries


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