Project of Worldwide GI Compilation


Data concerning the GIs protected in the various jurisdictions around the world are not always available. The European Union – through its online databases (DOOR for agricultural GIs, E-Bacchus for wines with GI and E-Spirit-Drinks for GI spirits) provides for detailed information concerning the European and foreign GIs in those 3 sectors protected in the 27 Members States. Such information can be easily consulted online by the public at large. On the other hand, a centralized source of information is currently not available at the EU level with respect to non-agricultural GIs.

In the rest of the world, accessing to this kind of information is still problematic. Some jurisdictions (such as India and some countries in Latin America) have undertaken centralization efforts. In such cases though the most urgent problem is encouraging the public at large (potential consumers) as well as the trademark offices in third countries (that should refuse the registration of such GIs as trademarks and therefore prevent the unfair appropriation of the GI reputation by non authorized parties) to access to this information. In some other contexts, the information on protected GIs is not available altogether, as in many countries in Africa and South-East Asia.

In countries using trademarks to protect geographical names (including collective and certification marks), GI lists are not available. In such cases, a thorough analysis of each trademark - as well as of each collective and certification mark - is needed to assess the ones corresponding to the internationally recognized definition of GIs.



In September 2011 oriGIn launched an ambitious project of an online compilation of all GIs protected in the world. The compilation will list the GIs in an alphabetical order with the indication of the country of origin, the category as well as a report containing the key information on each product.

The compilation will be on the oriGIn website and freely available to the public at large. In this respect, oriGIn will encourage trademark offices, public authorities in charge of GIs, research centers, universities and consumers’ associations around the world to regularly consult the compilation. As a result, it will represent an invaluable source of information for the above-mentioned institutions.


Implementation strategy

oriGIn benefits from an international network of producers’ associations and specialists. It is therefore in constant touch with a large number of GI groups and national authorities throughout the world. Moreover, we have worked with the Berkeley Law School to study the trademarks, collective and certification marks (as well as of the American Viticultural Areas – AVAs) in force in the US and select the ones corresponding to the GI internationally recognized definition.

The compilation will be finalized and made publicly available in November 2017.



Together with the project, oriGIn has launched a funds-raising campaign as well as an invitation to all interested parties (universities, research centers, producers’ groups, International Organizations, NGOs, trademark offices, law firms, foundations, etc.) to join forces and establish a cooperation network for the finalization of this project. In January 2012, the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies of Italy (Mipaaf) gave its financial support to this project, which was renewed in 2013. It was followed in October 2012 by the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG), which extended its financial support to 2014 and then again in 2015 and 2016. The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual property (IPI) gave a financial support for 2016/2017.



Please contact Ms. Céline Meyer, Focal point, Worldwide GI Compilation mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 





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