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Members of oriGIn are producers’ groups, such as Consorzi, Consejos Reguladores, Interprofessions, ODG, etc, representing a given GI.

Collective members of oriGIn are associations representing various GI producers’ groups from the same sector or from multiple sectors. 

Associate members of oriGIn are individuals or organizations which share the objectives of oriGIn.

To join oriGIn, please fill in the Application Form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download  Application Form for Members and Collective members

Download  Application Form for Associate members 


Membership fees:

  • Collective members / full contribution: 14.000 CHF
  • Collective members / basic contribution: 7.000 CHF
  • Members / full contribution: 5.600 CHF
  • Members / basic contribution: 560 CHF
  • Associate members/ full contribution: 2.800 CHF
  • Associate members / basic contribution: 280 CHF

oriGIn online payment system  can be used for membership fees up to 560 CHF. For higher amounts, the payment shall have to be made by bank transfer.  


For more information about the benefits for your producers’ group, association, organisation, to be part of the oriGIn worldwide network, and on oriGIn internal rules and procedures, see:

Why oriGIn    

oriGIn Statutes 

Internal Regulation



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