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  • On behalf of the the Bavarian Brewery Association I took part for the first time to the last General Assembly of oriGIn in Guadalajara, Mexico. It was an extraordinary, very well organized meeting and being there for me was like meeting a big family of GIs representatives or better meeting friends. It was amazing knowing the people of oriGIn, for example the President Ramon Gonzales or the General Manager Massimo Vittori, as well as the representatives of other associations from all over the world. It was very interesting to talk with others about the fascinating stories of their protected products and learn more about their background and their most urgent problems, such GI free-riding. Leaving Mexico I knew that we, with our products, belong to a great worldwide family and it is worth struggling together for the protection of our common heritage. I found new friends, got new contacts and was happy having convinced our board to become a member of oriGIn. I am counting the days to come to the next General Assembly Meeting of oriGIn. Be sure I will be there!
    Robert Scholz Legal Advisor, Bavarian Brewers Association
  • The Idaho Potato Commission is extremely pleased with its membership in oriGIn. The networking opportunities, personal and professional business relationships we have developed and opportunities to solve complex problems through discussion with other members who have “travelled the path” before us is invaluable. The increased recognition of GI’s as a valuable form of Intellectual Property has been significantly advanced through oriGIn’s efforts. GI’s most certainly deliver real economic value to producers who very much benefit from the fine work of oriGIn.
    Patrik J. Kole President, Idaho Potato Commission
  • oriGIn, une ONG, relais nécessaire et utile tant au niveau européen que mondial, pour défendre la culture et l’identité des productions locales comme le foie gras du Sud-Ouest ! oriGIn, un outil indispensable pour faire entendre la voix des producteurs dans le cadre des négociations européennes et internationales!
    Marc Roose Directeur, Association IGP foie gras du Sud-Ouest
  • Il Parmigiano Reggiano ha voluto essere fra i fondatori di oriGIn per continuare, a livello mondiale, l'azione di tutela e promozione iniziata con la creazione del Consorzio nel 1934. In quel periodo i produttori di Parma e Reggio Emilia avevano l'esigenza di proteggere il loro formaggio da quanti volevano imitarlo in Italia del Nord, usurpando una tradizione secolare. Questa stessa necessità vale oggi, in un contesto globale, fatto di produttori diversi per località geografica, cultura, tradizione, ma accomunati dalla volontà di mantenere ed affermare l'identità dei loro prodotti. In questi anni di scambio di esperienze e conoscenza abbiamo avvicinato in particolare i produttori di Café de Colombia, Huile d’Argan del Marocco e Kona Coffee delle Hawai, cui abbiamo attribuito il premio internazionale del Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano. Questi scambi sono stati preziosi per fare percepire ai nostri produttori che debbono affrontare ogni giorno la competizione del mercato, come produttori di paesi diversi hanno le stesse preoccupazioni e vivono la medesima tensione. Direi che attraverso oriGIn si scopre la ricchezza della diversità!
    Leo Bertozzi Former Director Consorzio del Parmigiano Reggiano
  • OriGIn is a great forum to learn from each other and to save months, and sometime years, in learning curves that others have already gone through. It is also a great resource to support our organization’s endeavors, from registering a GI in certain countries to make sure that trademark authorities respect GI right holders in their day to day business. As a former President of oriGIn, the organization gave me the opportunity to learn and understand how by acting together instead of complaining we can achieve objectives that seemed too difficult or impossible!
    Luis Fernando Samper Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, Colombian Coffee Growers Federation
  • Actualmente oriGIn es, sin duda, una organización imprescindible en el panorama internacional de las Indicaciones Geográficas y una red de contacto de productores de todo el mundo. Gracias a las actividades que oriGIn realiza en ámbito internacional, los Consejos Reguladores españoles han podido tanto defender la reputación de sus productos como establecer contacto con sus homólogos de otros países intercambiando conocimiento y mejores prácticas. En oriGIn hemos unido nuestras fuerzas haciendo frente común para una mejor protección y promoción de nuestros productos .
    Federico Moncunill Gallo Director del Comité ejecutivo de ORIGEN España, la Asociación Española de Denominaciones de Origen y Secretario General del Consejo Regulador IGPs Jijona y Turrón de Alicante
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