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12/03/2014 – Design Treaty, Country Names, Geographical Indications Next Week At WIPO

01/10/2013 – Plurilateral Agreement on Geographical Indications on its Way at WIPO

28/05/2013 – GIs The “Darling” of Europe, But Protection A Challenge For All,Producers Say

27/11/2012 – European Commission, ARIPO Sign Agreement On Agricultural GIs

09/10/2012 – GI Protection Gets Boost In BRICs; Common Definition Needed For International Debates

11/05/2012 – ICANN IP Advisory Group: Whois, Dot-Brands, Contracts Key Sticking Points In New Domains

06/03/2012 – Cybersquatting Cases Reached New Record In 2011, WIPO Reports

29/02/2012 – ACTA Debated At WTO; Petitions And Letters Fly In Brussels

28/02/2012 – Australian Tobacco Law May Head To WTO Dispute As TRIPS Council Meets

30/01/2012 – Geographical Indications Register Gains Ground Outside WTO

16/11/2011 – European Audit Of GIs Shows Need For Clear Rules, Awareness

14/07/2011 – EU Commission Reports On IPR-Infringing Goods Detained By Customs

28/06/2011 – WIPO Seminar: IP Is Spearhead Of Agricultural Innovation, Solution To Food Shortage

27/06/2011 – New FAO Chief Accepts GMOs, Not Seed Monopolies

04/03/2011 – WTO Talks On Geographical Indications Unable To Achieve Lift-Off

28/01/2011 – WTO Geographical Indications Talks Tiptoe; Substantive Discussion Coming

23/01/2011 – ACTA Inconsistent With European Law, Legal Experts Say

13/12/2010 – WTO Members Discuss GIs As EU Proposes Higher Regional Protection

06/12/2010 – ‘Final final’ ACTA Text Published; More Discussion Ahead For EU

28/10/2010 – US Would-Be GI Wins Solidarity Award From European GI Producers

25/09/2010 – ACTA Negotiators Still Aiming For Agreement By Year’s End

08/09/2010 – Treaty Negotiators Turn To “ACTA Lite” In Hopes Of Closure

03/09/2010 – US Looking For New Tack On IP Rights With BRIC Countries

02/07/2010 – ACTA Negotiators Vow To Mesh With National-Level Rights; Withhold New Text

23/06/2010 – New US IP Enforcement Plan May Have International Impact

03/06/2010 – China, India To Raise Concerns At WTO About “TRIPS-Plus” Measures, ACTA

31/03/2010 – Proponents Seek To Develop Policy Potential Of US Geographical Indications

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