14/12/2023-Members’ Voice (II): Proof of Origin and Traceability Platform offering for GI Products, by Adira Nair, Vlinder

The Governments and other institutions across the world have been making concerted efforts to provide a proper status to Geographical Indications (GI) products across the world. In spite of these efforts, there is still a gap when it comes to proving origin of products, assisting manufacturers to demonstrate their products to customers, gaining customer confidence, and meeting compliance requirements (e.g. US and EU).  In order to bridge these gaps, vlinder applied for and received a grant from the State Government of India (Elevate Karnataka).

Vlinder was awarded the grant with the objective of tracking the existing GI products in order to prove origin (GI), provide traceability and raise consumer awareness of GI products. As a part of the grant following is enabled for 100+ products:

  1. Producers: Enable Recording of Proof of Origin (GI), Traceability along with sustainability (ESG) aspects
  2. Producers: Recording compliance and authentication certificates.
  3. Producers : Connect QR code with Enabled Proof of Origin (GI) / Traceability
  4. Retailers / Consumer : Scan QR to verify Proof of Origin and View Traceability

The initiative bridges the gap between producers and consumers by engaging the various actors in the ecosystem of GI products.

There are many actors who play in the whole ecosystem:

  1. Producers/ manufacturers who produce GI products in the “geographic area”.
  2. Government authority / third party certification providers
  3. Supply chain actors / Government Export controls that verify Proof of Origin
  4. International Retailers/ Consumers

However, the lack of verifiable GI and proof of origin can impede the ecosystem’s success. State and local actors may lack appropriate control systems which could lead to the misuse of the brand or heritage in international markets. Counterfeit products and the absence of GI can also hinder exports and economic prosperity, ultimately affecting consumers through unfair competition.

GIs serve as product differentiators by allowing consumers to distinguish between products coming from specific regions that specialize in producing a particular product. Verifiable GI and traceability can help position a brand as trustworthy and transparent.

As a part of the existing grant from the State Government of India, Vlinder can onboard 3 GI Associations or Manufactures with NO FEE for 1 year. Our offer as part of the grant available is as follows:

  1. Onboard three global GI Manufacturers/ Producers/ Associations which are associated with oriGIn.
  2. Engagement Channel will be QR code
  3. Cover Sustainability Measures, Social Impact & Environmental Impact (If available)
  4. Timeline: Confirmation to onboard by 31st Jan 2024

In conclusion, the GI ecosystem involves multiple actors, and the lack of verifiable GI and proof of origin can have adverse effects. However, with the increasing demand for high-quality and genuine products, GIs can differentiate products in the marketplace and lead to economic benefits. Vlinder’s Trag platform is an excellent solution that can enhance and preserve the favourable consumer perception of GI products.

Read more on Elevate Karnataka award and Vlinder’s Trag platform . More information is also available on our blog.  


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