12/12/2023-oriGIn EU press release: oriGIn EU welcomes the revision of the EU geographical indications policy

The European Parliament (EP) and the Council have taken decisive steps towards the revision of the European policy on geographical indications (GIs). On 27 November the Special Committee on Agriculture gave its support to the compromise reached by the “trilogue” on October 24. Today, the Agriculture Committee of the EP supported the compromise.

oriGIn EU would like to thank the rapporteur Mr De Castro and shadow rapporteurs Ms Sander, Ms Tolleret, Mr Gruffat, Ms Aguilar, Ms Lizzi, Ms Rodriguez Palop and former shadow rapporteur Mr Amaro of the European Parliament as well as the Spanish Presidency and the Member States for agreeing on a text that will strengthen the European GI policy. The co-legislators have answered to several calls from oriGIn EU to improve the initial proposal tabled by the European Commission and delivered on a number of issues for the future of GIs”, stated Charles Deparis, oriGIn EU President.

The new regulation will provide for a more robust protection of GIs, in particular on the Internet.  GIs are in fact recognized as a right that can be invoked to solve disputes concerning domain names. Meanwhile, Member States are given the possibility to block domain names that contravene GIs. Likewise, oriGIn EU welcomes the definition of sustainability included in the text, recalling it is based on three pillars, social, environmental and economic, and the possibility for GI producer groups to agree upon sustainability practices through the product specification. The regulation will also establish a clear legal framework with regard to producers’ groups and recognized producers’ groups, together with the indication of tasks they will be able to perform. We consider that the newly assigned tasks granted to recognized producer groups should act as a good incentive to reinforce the GI system in many Member States. The role that association of producer groups – such as oriGIn EU – has also been acknowledged in the text. It offers some interesting perspective as to the role they can play in contributing to the promotion and protection of GIs. Finally, when it comes to the management of the EU GI system, oriGIn EU members welcome the commitment made in a joint declaration stating that the Commission will remain responsible for the procedures concerning geographical indications while might be assisted with regards to the execution of administrative tasks. This is a positive signal addressed to GI producers, who consider that the GI policy is an integral part of the agricultural and rural development policy and helps to protect cultural food traditions. Likewise, oriGIn EU will actively collaborate with the Commission to ensure a smooth functioning of the system. 

oriGIn EU and its members are looking forward to working closely with DG Agriculture of the European Commission and the Member States on the implementation of the new policy. We are convinced that the future regulation will allow for the strengthening of the European GI system. Our main objective is to ensure that GIs continue to deliver for consumers, producers and that they remain the ambassadors of the European food and drink culture around the world and key contributors to the sustainable development of many regions across the EU”, concluded Charles Deparis, oriGIn EU President.

Contact: Amandine Legros eu.office@origin-gi.com 

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