le siege de liffol sous indication geographiqueOn 2 December, "Siège de Liffol" became the first non-agricultural GI granted by the National Institute of Intellectual property (INPI) of France under the “loi de la consommation" (Consumer Act) of March 2014

The "Siège de Liffol" is a wood chair originated from Liffol-le-Grand (Vosges), a city renowned for its industry of stylish furniture. The production area covers 185 municipalities of Haute-Marne, Meuse and Vosges departments in the region of Grand Est, in north-eastern France. More information (in French) at: http://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/lorraine/siege-liffol-toute-nouvelle-indication-geographique-homologuee-1146811.html

Meanwhile, at the EU level, the Commission is still finalising an Inception Impact Assessment, which should be published in 2017. However, political consensus has not yet been reached within the Commission to prepare a proposal for the recognition and protection of non-agricultural GIs at the EU level. 


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