GI Specialized Law Firms/Agencies

oriGIn provides its members with information concerning the laws and procedures to register GIs in foreign jurisdictions as well as its advocacy support with national, regional and international authorities in case an infringement of rights deriving from a given GI is detected.

To further help its members secure registration in foreign jurisdictions and/or fight against GI infringements, oriGIn established a list of law firms/agencies which distinguished themselves for their knowledge of GI laws and practice. The listed law firms/agencies are available to offer 8% discount on their tariffs to oriGIn members requesting their services. To be part of such list, a member of oriGIn (namely an association of producers which has benefited from the firm’s legal services) must confirm the law firm expertise in the field of GIs. Furthermore, the law firm has to join oriGIn as an associate member. If your firm is interested in joining the list, please contact

The firms/agencies (with the respective focal points to be contacted in case of interest) are:

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