28/06/2019 – oriGIn is partner of the EIPIN-IS project

thumb EIPIN logo mediumIn 2018, to raise GIs awareness among academic circles, oriGIn signed a cooperation agreement with the European Intellectual Property Institutes Network – Innovation Society (EIPIN-IS). EIPIN-IS is a consortium of five European leading intellectual property research centers (Maastricht University, Queen Mary University of London, Universidad de Alicante, Universität Augsburg, Université de Strasbourg), which is implementing an EU Horizon 2020 project. Fifteen researchers were selected to engage in PhD studies on intellectual property, including GIs.

In this context, oriGIn is currently hosting Mr Maurizio Crupi, PhD researcher at the universities of Alicante and Maastricht. Maurizio is studying the difference between PDOs and PGIs with respect to the area of origin. His research aims at providing inputs and recommendations to European institutions (as well as IP agencies and groups) to improve the current regulatory framework.

Maurizio’s research is focusing on the single documents, combined with interviews to groups on their protection strategy and views on flexibilities offered by the EU system. oriGIn will support Maurizio’s research facilitating contact with its members.


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