07/02/2024-Member’s Voice (2): Press release: “Oregano de Tacna”: Peru recognizes a new appellation of origin, by INDECOPI Peru

On 12 January, the INDECOPI Peru protected a new appellation of origin for “Oregano de Tacna,” recognizing its distinctive and unique characteristics.

This aims to enhance its commercialization and global positioning. Over 2,500 producers will benefit from this appellation enabling them to differentiate their products in the market and attract consumer preference.

“Oregano de Tacna” joins the other 10 appellations of origin protected in Peru: Pisco, Chulucanas, Maíz Blanco Gigante Cusco, Pallar de Ica, Café Villa Rica, Loche de Lambayeque, Café Machu Picchu-Huadquiña, Maca Junín-Pasco, Cacao Amazonas Perú y Aceituna de Tacna. You can find the complete list on the oriGIn worldwide compilation

Read the full press release from INDECOPI (in Spanish).

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