11/06/2010 – Expert Meeting on Technical Cooperation Programs, Geneva (Switzerland)

oriGIn co-organized with FAO and AGRIDEA an expert meeting on technical cooperation programs related to origin linked products and geographical indications:

  • Presentations:

    GIs and the link to the market, Agence Française de Développement (AFD) 

    GI and the link to the national / international markets, DAMERGI Chokri, INAT- Tunisia 

    Geographic Indications: An effective tool for Rural Development in developing and transition countries?, Pascal Bernardoni, SEEDEV

      Setting up GIs: Mobilizing producers and local stakeholders, need of collective organization and setting up rules (code of practices), Sorinel Ghetau, UCODEP


        For more information: http://www.foodquality-origin.org/events/meetings/geneva-june-2010/en/




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