20/04/2023- oriGIn EU Press Release: Revision of the Geographical Indication Policy:oriGIn EU welcomes the position adopted by the Agricultural and Development Committee of the European Parliament

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Brussels, 20 April 2023.          

Contact: Amandine Legros eu.office@origin-gi.com

The Agricultural and Development Committee of the European Parliament (comAGRI) adopted today the report of Mr Paolo De Castro, rapporteur on the revision of the Geographical Indication (GI) policy. oriGIn EU would like to congratulate all the rapporteurs who took into account the needs of the sector. Since the publication of the legislative proposal by the European Commission on 31 March 2022, oriGIn EU members have been calling on EU decision-makers to improve the text with a view ensure the continued success of the EU GI policy. 

oriGIn EU welcomes the position of the comAGRI which rejects any delegation of competencies to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) regarding the analysis of GI product specifications. MEPs want DG Agriculture of the European Commission to stay at the heart of the management of GI system, a key demand of GI producers. We remain convinced that the EUIPO can contribute to the IP component of the system, facilitating the protection and enforcement of GIs, including online, as well as strengthening the EU GI system on international export markets.

Moreover, comAGRI calls for a more robust protection of GIs. oriGIn EU is particularly pleased of the strengthening of protection online, in the domain names environment, when GIs are used as ingredients and in relation to potential evocation and the use of traditional terms. Likewise, the deletion of the proposed definition of evocation is welcome as well as the reinforcement of controls on GIs. 

Finally, the comAGRI clarifies and strengthens the role of producer groups, while strategically preserving national specificities in application of the subsidiarity principle. oriGIn EU hopes that this new framework will favour the development and strengthening of GI producer groups in all Member States.

oriGIn EU congratulates the rapporteurs on the great work done on this key dossier for the future of GIs. The approach adopted by the comAGRI sets out an ambitious European Geographical Indication system to ensure that producers can continue contributing to the sustainable development of rural areas across the EU. We call on the European Member States, in the context of the trilogue, not to overturn the ambitious approach of comAGRI, with a view to secure a rapid conclusion of this reform,” said the President of oriGIn EU, Charles Deparis.

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