29/02/2024-Member’s Voice2: The future of protection and sustainability lies in digitalization, by Mauro Rosati, Director of Fondazione Qualivita

The approval of the new regulation on EU quality schemes for wines, spirits and agricultural products represents a milestone for GIs at the EU level. This reform, with the final text expected to be adopted in spring, introduces fresh perspectives for the PDO and PGI at the EU and Member States level. National legislations will have to be updated to align with the new provisions.

Parallel to this, the recent crisis and challenges facing the agricultural sector, shows that safeguarding our food and wine heritage comes from an effective connection between scientific research and production chains. Innovation (including AI and blockchain technologies) concerns as well a traditional system like that of the GIs. The crucial role played by innovation for the protection and sustainability of GIs is analyzed in the latest edition of the magazine “Consortium”.

Read the full article here (in Italian). It was published in the latest edition of the magazine “Consortium” .

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