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GIs have become a global phenomenon. As a result, national laws are rapidly evolving. Are you familiar with your national regulation concerning GIs? Do you know the applicable rules in foreign countries where you are (or wish to be) exporting? Are you aware of your national authorities’ position on international negotiations impacting on GIs? Does your organization wish to influence this process?

oriGIn provides invaluable technical support in the form of periodical reports, newsletters, studies, information on court decisions and national laws, as well as other material on GIs. The oriGIn’s network represents a unique source of information on the main subjects touching upon GIs (legal protection, quality control, marketing, sustainability, etc.).

oriGIn Alerts

oriGIn members benefit of a dynamic and interactive information service – the “oriGIn Alerts”. Through this service, oriGIn members are up to date with respect to our activities (policy and advocacy, committees where

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oriGIn Publications

Developing a roadmap towards increased sustainability in GI systems In March 2024 oriGIn published – in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) – the “Developing a roadmap

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