Over the years, oriGIn has developed strategic partnerships with public and private Institutions (universities, laws firms, International Organizations, NGOs, etc.) with the objective to promote the protection and knowledge of GIs around the world.



oriGIn/FAO cooperation on GIs and sustainability

20/03/2024-oriGIn and the FAO launch the publication : “Developing a roadmap towards increased sustainability in geographical indication systems” (Guidelines and Toolkit) 21/09/2022- The FAO-oriGIn support to GI organizations to respond to the emerging

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LIFE TTGG Project 

Since 2015, oriGIn has been dealing with the topic of sustainability, looking at its economic, environmental and social components. With a growing world population, and its implications in terms of quantity and quality

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GI Specialized Law Firms/Agencies

oriGIn provides its members with information concerning the laws and procedures to register GIs in foreign jurisdictions as well as its advocacy support with national, regional and international authorities in case an infringement

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UNIDO Training on GIs

oriGIn is one of UNIDO’s partners in the training on GIs , local economic development and the role of producers’ associations. Download : Training brochure  

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Berkeley School of Law

We are pleased to announce the 2012 oriGIn Award, organized in cooperation with the Berkeley School of Law. Topic: Assessing the “GI status” of geographical names protected/used in the United States: an urgent

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University of Alicante

oriGIn colaborates with the Magister Lvcentinvs – Master of Intellectual Property and Information Society Law of the University of Alicante (Spain) on initiatives on GIs, among them the I International Seminar on GIs which took place

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SDA Bocconi

Master in Fine Food & Beverage, SDA Bocconi, Milan (Italy). oriGIn is one of the program’s partners. oriGIn provides specific knowledge and expertise in the area of GIs and fine food & beverage

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