07/02/2019 – EU promotion: the 2019 calls for proposals have been published

EU promotionThe 2019 calls for proposals concerning promotional programmes under Regulation 1144/2014/EU were published on 15 January. Here are the links:

Simple programmes

Multi programmes 

The deadline for submitting proposals is 16 April 2019.

The EU 2019 promotion programme, adopted by the Commission in November 2018, has made € 191.6 million available for programmes to promote European agricultural products (up to 80% of EU co-financing for multi programs targeting third countries). Out of the total, € 89 million will be allocated to campaigns in high growth countries such as Canada, China, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and the US. 

On 7 February the EU Commission organized  the 2019 Info day on call for proposals in Brussels. 


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