01/07/2019 – EUIPO: Launch of the new Intellectual Property (IP) Enforcement portal

thumb euipoEarlier in June, the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property (IP) rights of the EUIPO launched the new IP Enforcement portal 

This portal – which is the integration of the Enforcement Database (EDB) – will serve as a secure communication tool between IP rights holders, EU enforcement authorities, the EU Commission and its EU delegations around the world, becoming the single EU platform to deal with IP rights enforcement.

This initiative shows the EUIPO commitment to support the IP enforcement community in the fight against counterfeiting. oriGIn is in touch with the EUIPO to organize a dedicated session for GIs groups on the use and benefits for GIs of the new IP Enforcement portal. 


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For more information about GI Enforcement see the concerning category in the section Policy and Advocacy 


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