02/02/2017 – NonAgri GIs: Updates at the EU level

nonagrinewswebIn January the European Association of Cities of Ceramics (AeuCC) – which regroups national associations from Italy (AiCC), France (AfCC), Spain (AeCC), Romania (ArCC), Germany (AgCC) and Poland (AplCC) – officially considered the protection of EU non-agricultural GIs as a priority for 2017. The AeuCC recent General Assembly also elected Mr. Collina as its new President. Collina is the chairman of the AiCC (a member of oriGIn). More information @ http://www.aeucc.eu/aeucc-assembly-in-paris/#more-230

In France, the French National Institute of Intellectual property (INPI) approved in January the second GI for a non-agricultural product under the “loi de la consommation” (Consumer Act) of March 2014: “Granit de Bretagne”. More information is available @ https://www.inpi.fr/fr/bretagne/l-inpi-homologue-la-deuxieme-indication-geographique-le-granit-de-bretagne . To date, two other GI applications are on the INPI’s list: “Savon de Marseille” (soap) and “Espadrilles de Mauléon” (shoes). See the INPI’s GI database @ https://base-indications-geographiques.inpi.fr/ 


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