03/05/2018 – EU-Mexico: New agreement on trade covers GIs

MEXOn 21 April, the EU and Mexico reached an in principle agreement towards the modernized Global Agreement: http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/press/index.cfm?id=1833 and https://www.gob.mx/se/prensa/comunicado-conjunto-de-los-comisionados-malmstrom-y-hogan-y-el-secretario-de-economia-de-mexico-guajardo-villarreal 

On the GIs chapter (not yet available):

  • More than 340 EU and Mexican GIs will be protected through the agreement; 
  • The protection is solid as it covers translation, delocalisers and “style”, “type”, “method”, etc.;
  • The 1997 Spirits Agreement between Mexico and the EU will be incorporated into new agreement, so any more robust protection conferred by the new trade agreement will apply to spirits GIs as well;
  • There will be limitations concerning the full protection of some EU GIs in Mexico, for which oriGIn is asking clarification and further details to the EU. 

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For more information about bilateral and plurilateral agreements covering GIs see the category “Bilateral/Plurilateral Agreements” in the section Policy and Advocacy 



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