06/02/2013 – Colombia: Enforcement measures of the defense of its traditional products

On February 6, 75,000 counterfeited ‘’Sombreros Vueltiaos’’ from China have been confiscated by the Colombian Police. By the end of January this year, 800 false hats had been also confiscated. These measures were taken to enforce the Resolution 439 of the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) of Colombia, which ordered immediate suspension of manufacturing and marketing of hats which imitate the ones bearing the Denominación de origen (DO) “Tejeduría Zenú” (the name of the indigenous community “Zenú” from San Andrés de Sotavento), which are also identified with the collective mark “Sombrero Vueltiao”.

These measures aim at defending Colombian traditional products as well as protecting DO producers and consumers.


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