07/07/2017 – News on bilateral negotiations: EU, Japan, China, Mercosur

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On 06 July, the EU and Japan have reached an overall deal on the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement. 

Read the summary of the negotiations and principles agreed

While some changes might still occur, with respect to GIs the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement will provide: 


  • A high level of protection for a list of EU and Japanese GIs (foodstuffs, wines and spirits);
  • Direct protection of GIs under the FTA and removal of all associated charges or taxes for users;
  • Protection of GIs in relationship with trade marks (TMs): rejection of subsequent TMs in the other Party’s system, also in the case of GIs which have only been published, while coexistence with pre-existent TM is addressed;
  • Administrative enforcement of protection in addition to enforcement on request and civil remedies;
  • Phasing out of prior uses identified on the Japanese market within 5 years after entry into force of the Agreement for alcoholic beverages, and within 7 years for foodstuff GIs;
  • Possibility to add new GIs to list of GIs protected under the agreement. 


List of EU GIs for foodstuffs  which will be covered by the EU-Japan FTA, published in Japan for opposition

List of EU alcoholic beverages with GIs covered by the EU-Japan FTA, published in Japan for opposition



In June, the EU leaders and China reaffirmed their commitment to conclude a bilateral GIs agreement by the end of this year and agreed to publish for opposition the lists of GIs to be protected in the framework of the agreement. 

List of European GIs published in China 

List of Chinese GIs published in the EU 



A 3th round of negotiations took place (03 to 07 July) and an agreement could be concluded by the end of the year.


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