08/03/2017 – FTA EU-Japan: Public consultation concerning the list of GIs submitted by Japan

global deal 300x199The negotiations of a Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Japan (which includes a chapter on GIs) are expected to be concluded this year.

In this context, the EU Commission has recently launched a public consultation concerning the list of seven GIs (‘Kumamoto Kensan Igusa’, ‘Ichida Gaki’, ‘Tottori Sakyu Rakkyo’/‘Fukube Sakyu Rakkyo’, ‘Kaga Maruimo’, ‘Simonoseki Fuku’, ‘Tokachi Kawanishi Nagaimo’, ‘Noto Shika Korogaki’) submitted by the Japanese authorities in the framework of the negotiations. Interested parties (Member States, third countries or any natural or legal person having a legitimate interest, resident or established in a Member State or in a third country) can submit oppositions (mailto: AGRI-A4@ec.europa.eu ) within two months from the publication of the public consultation (time limit 25 March). Oppositions can be lodged, among others, if the proposed names: are wholly or partially homonymous with names already protected in the EU under Regulation 1151/2012 or contained in the agreements concluded by the EU; are considered generic in the EU; conflict with the name of a plant variety or an animal breed.

More information @ http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:52017XC0125(03)&from=EN:52017XC0125(03)&from=EN  


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