09/10/2019 – GIs introduced in the Ukrainian legislation

Legislation Law PoliciesOn October 9, the Law No. 123-IX “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding Improving the Legal Protection of Geographical Indications” introduced GIs in the Ukrainian legislation.

In line with the definition provided in the TRIPs Agreement, GI are defined as the name of a place that identifies a product that originates from a certain geographical region and has a special quality, reputation or other characteristics, mainly due to this geographical place of origin, and at least one of the stages of its production (manufacture (mining), and/or processing, and/or preparation) is carried out in a specific geographical area. 

This is part of the reforms undertaken in Ukraine the framework of the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU

The EU is also providing technical assistance to the Ukrainian producers that, as a result of the Association Agreement, will have to face out the commercial use of names corresponding to European GIs.


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For more information about bilateral and plurilateral agreements covering GIs see the category “Bilateral/Plurilateral Agreements” in the section Policy and Advocacy 


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