12/09/2018 – Press Release: New challenges for geographical indications at the global level: Federdoc joins oriGIn

wineFederdoc (“Confederazione Nazionale dei Consorzi Volontari per la Tutela delle Denominazioni dei Vini Italiani”) joins oriGIn, the global alliance of geographical indications. oriGIn, which counts among its members 600 associations from 50 countries, is a leading player in the protection and promotion of geographical indications at the international level.

Federdoc’s decision comes at a crucial time for the sector, both at European and international level. The European Union (EU) is negotiating bilateral agreements with strategic markets for Italian wines, such as Mercosur, Australia and New Zealand. Likewise, the discussions for the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) have started in Brussels. On the other hand, at the global level, several challenges await geographical indications, such as the debate on sustainability, the concrete risks of a return to protectionist policies and the protection on the Internet.

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