13/05/2019 – Champagne is the first foreign appellation to obtain GI status in Laos and Cambodia

thumb laos champagneAt the end of April, the appellation Champagne was recognized in Laos and in Cambodia. Champagne is the first foreign appellation to obtain GI status in both countries. In 2018, Champagne sales to Asia represent 20% of the overall product’s export (+40% in value over the last five years).

We would like to congratulate our member – the Comité Champagne (CIVC) – for this achievement, which is part of an overall strategy to ensure the recognition and protection of the Champagne appellation worldwide. As of May 2019, Champagne is recognized in 117 countries around the world, either through a direct registration following national procedures or via international agreements covering GIs. It confirms that a proactive approach by groups is needed to prevent the usurpation of GIs, especially in foreign markets.  

More information (in French) is available @ Champagne Press Release 

To check the jurisdiction where Champagne is recognized, please check oriGIn worldwide GIs compilation


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