14/06/2021 – Pakistan: First GIs registered under the new Act

thumb basmati pakistanFollowing the entry into force of the Geographical Indications (Registration and Protection) Act, 2020 “Basmati Rice” was first registered in Pakistan in January 2021, followed by 10 additional products’ names (for agricultural products: “Chaunsa Mango”, “Sindhri Mango” and “Kinnow”; for non-agricultural products: “Hunza Ruby”, “Swat Emerald”, “Kashmir Tourmaline”, “Skardu Topaz”, “Skardu Aquamarine”, “Peridot Stone” and “Peridot Valley”) early in June. Efforts are also being deployed for the recognition of “Pink Himalayan Salt”.

The complete list of national GIs protected in Pakistan is available in our worldwide compilation 

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