15/01/2020: Promotion of quality products: the 2020 call for proposals has been published

On 14 January, the European Commission launched the 2020 call for proposals for campaigns to promote EU agri-food, which include PDO, PGI and GIs products.

For 2020, a total budget of €200.9 million is allocated. There are two types of promotion programmes: so-called ‘simple’ programmes can be submitted by one or more organisations from the same EU country. ‘Multi’ programmes can be submitted by at least two national organisations from at least two member states, or by one or more European organisations.

You will find here:

The call for simple programmes
The call for multi programmes

The deadline for submission is 15 April 2020. CHAFEA, the EU’s Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency, provides a number of tools to help applicants to successfully submit their proposals. More information will be available during a series of ‘info days’ that will take part across the EU. The European info day will be held in Brussels on 30 January 2020. The decision by the Commission will be taken in October 2020.

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