17/07/2018 – “Pierre de Bourgogne” recognized as Geographical Indication (GI) in France

thumb rawOn 29 June, “pierre de Bourgogne” was recognised as GI by the “Institut national de la propriété industrielle” (INPI – France). This is the 4th non-agricultural product’s name approved in France following the introduction of a national sui generis system through law n. 2014-344 of 17 March 2014 (see Chapter IV, “Indications géographiques et protection du nom des collectivités territoriales”). The other non-agricultural GIs recognized by the INPI are « siège de Liffol » (December 2016), « granit de Bretagne » (January 2017) et « porcelaine de Limoges » (December 2017). Meanwhile, 6 additional products’ names have been filed and are currently under scrutiny.  

“Pierre de Bourgogne” represents 15.8% of the limestone and marble production in France. The sector employs nearly 600 people with a turnover of 53 million euros (22% obtained through export). The group “Association pierre de Bourgogne” (representing 27 companies in the geographical area) will be responsible for the management of the GI. More information available (in French) @ https://www.inpi.fr/fr/bourgogne-franche-comte/indication-geographique-l-inpi-homologue-la-pierre-de-bourgogne 


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