17/06/2020 – Take a stroll through Europe and discover the 240 spirits GIs from a click to an interactive map published by spiritsEUROPE

thumb Schermata 2020 06 16 alle 10.00.09A new interactive map of European spirits geographical indications (spirits GIs) has been launched by spiritsEUROPE to highlight the value and importance of these products to communities all over the EU. The map shows the 240 different spirits GIs protected in 24 European countries. Products like Cognac, Irish Whiskey and Polish Vodka are very well-known worldwide but the list of the other GIs for which individual Europeans are proud of is long!

spiritsEUROPE invites people to explore the map, and to meet the passionate men and women behind the production of the extraordinary range of quality spirits rooted in culture, rich in history and diversity. A closer look at the map will tell you that France, Italy and Germany are in the top-3 by number of GIs protected (respectively 54, 34 and 32 GIs); Spain coming in 4th position with 19 GIs. Many spirits GIs have a well-deserved global reputation for quality and innovation. They account for 2/3 of the spirits exports outside Europe (€12.5bn in 2019) and the leading export GIs are Scotch Whisky, Cognac and Irish Whiskey.


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