17/07/2018 – GIs recognitions around the world: Cambodia, Mozambique, India, France, Italie

thumb 11 Koh Tourng Pamelo to get G 2The month of June has been quite intense in terms of GIs recognitions around the world.

“Koh Trong pomelo” (a pomelo grown in the Kratie’s Koh Trong commune in Cambodia) became the third national recognized GI; “Tete goat” (meat product from the province of Tete, in Mozambique, first goat producer in the country) was recognized, making it the first national GI; “Swamimalai bronze” (bronze icons from Swamimalai, in the South of India), obtained the GIs status in India, where the non-agricultural GIs keeps growing; “Cairanne” (a wine from the department of Vaucluse, south of France) was recognized as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) at the EU level; “Pitina” (a meat product of the Pordenone province in the north east of Italy) as Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) in the EU. 

oriGIn keeps track of these developments in its Worldwide GIs compilation, which indicates as well the protection that each GI enjoys in third countries. To establish a truly international register of GIs, and increase legal certainty and transparency, it is crucial to strengthen oriGIn as well as individual members efforts to promote the adoption of the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement within WIPO among a large number of countries around the world. To learn what oriGIn has done so far in this respect, please visit our “Policy and Advocacy” page devoted to the activities carried out at the WIPO level.


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