24/06/2021 – Online event on challenges for GIs in Latin America

thumb OPENING SLIDE 22 junio origin asipiThe online event on “Promoting solid groups and controls as well as fully understanding sustainability issues: challenges for GIs in Latin America”, organized by oriGIn in cooperation with ASIPI, was held on 22 June. The speakers’ presentations are now available on the oriGIn website .

It is a priority of our global network to promote the exchange of best practices to make sure all the main GIs success factors, including the establishment of solid associations and control systems together with the recognition and protection of GIs, as well as the understanding of emerging issues related to sustainability, are fully grasped worldwide. The discussions and interaction generated by this online event will certainly contribute to pave the way to future cooperation in those areas. In this respect, should you have information about the number of existing GIs associations in your country, please do not hesitate to share it with us, we will compare the figures with the data on recognized GIs via the oriGIn Worldwide GIs Compilation.

The complete list of our events and presentations delivered is available @ http://www.origin-gi.com/activities/events.html

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