25/02/2021 – World IP Day – WIPO: The 2021 edition will celebrate small and medium-sized enterprises

thumb IPDay2021 IP and SMEs taking your ideas to market trello coverEvery year, on April 26, the international IP community celebrates the World Intellectual Property Day. The 2021 edition will be dedicated to the millions of small and medium-sized enterprises that operate every day across the globe, contributing to the welfare of their communities.

oriGIn encourages its members to celebrate the 2021 World IP Day, by issuing press releases, giving interviews, carrying out social media campaigns focusing on success stories (including resilience, flexibility, capacity to adapt and respond to sustainability challenges) of the millions of small and medium-sized enterprises operating in GI sectors.

If you have interesting stories, please do not hesitate to share them in advance with oriGIn (you can write to ida@origin-gi.com by 19 March):

  1. We will put you in touch with the WIPO. At occasion of 2020 World IP Day dedicated to sustainability, several stories from oriGIn members were mentioned in the WIPO official IP Day portal;
  2. We will mention your stories in our 2021 communication (see our 2020 World IP Day press release).

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