27/09/2017 – China-EU bilateral agreement on GIs: oriGIn seeks full protection for the GIs submitted by the parties

global deal 300x199The EU and China are currently negotiating a bilateral agreement on the protection of GIs.

In this framework, an opposition procedure for the first list of GIs submitted by the parties (100 for each side) is taking place. From 2nd of June to the 2nd of August, China received oppositions concerning EU GIs in the wine, food and spirit sectors.

oriGIn is following closely the opposition procedure, to make sure full protection is given to all GIs submitted by the parties. In particular:

  • It sent a letter to the concerned Chinese authorities (AQSIQ), clarifying that oppositions based on “common names” and “semi-genericity” clash with internationally recognized Intellectually Property Rights (IPRs) rules and principles, in particular with the GIs provisions of the WTO TRIPs Agreement;
  • It is in touch with the EU authorities to ensure coordination with the relevant GIs groups in the preparation of solid responses to such oppositions.


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