28/05/2019 – Argentina: a new trademark regulation deals with applications consisting of GIs

legislationIn Argentina, a new trademark regulation was published in April and will come into force on June 3. It concerns the Law No. 22.362 of December 26, 1980, on Trademarks and Designations (as amended up to Decree No. 27/2018 of January 10, 2018). 

Article 3 of the regulation clarifies that the national and foreign GIs referred to in article 3 of the Trademarks and Designations Law (to which the refusal to register trademarks consisting of GIs applies), are exclusively the ones recognized in Argentina. The relevant pieces of legislation concerning GIs in Argentina are Law No. 25.380 of November 30, 2000, establishing the Legal Regime for Indications of Source and Appellations of Origin of Agricultural and Food Products and Law No. 25.163 of September 15, 1999, establishing General Rules for the Description and Presentation of Wines and Wine-based Spirits


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