29/03/2016 – Scotch Whisky enforcement in India

In India – a very promising market for spirits – “Scotch Whisky” is confronted several unfair and misleading practices. In this respect, under the new India’s Commercial Court rules, court proceedings were recently brought against three companies– Oasis Distilleries Ltd, Adie Broswon Distilleries & Bottlers Pvt and Malbros International Pvt Ltdsold selling whiskies (“Royal Arms”, “Blue Patrol” and “Malbros”) with references to “Scotch”, “Scotch Whisky” and “Scotland on their labels. In February, the court prohibited the defendants from selling in India whiskies not complying with the GI product specifications with reference to Scotland (“Scotch Whisky” is protected under the India GI Act).

More information @ http://www.scotch-whisky.org.uk/news-publications/blog/legal-breakthrough-for-scotch-in-india/#.VtVsuZzhCM-


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