30/10/2016 – CETA: Signature of an ambitious trade agreement

banner ceta share enOn October 30, the EU and Canada signed the Comprehensive Economic and Tarde Agreement (CETA). The European Parliament, as well as Member States in the Council, must now give their consent to CETA for it to enter into force provisionally. Such an agreement is poised to set new standards for global commerce. More info @ http://ec.europa.eu/trade/policy/in-focus/ceta/

With respect to GIs, the CETA will provide a high and ambitious level of protection, as well as some enforcement mechanisms, for a comprehensive list of 172 EU GIs. Such list can be extended in the future. The Agreement contains elements of flexibility, such as possibility of coexistence between existing trademarks and GIs as a limited exception to the rights conferred by trademarks. Finally, the protection of a limited number of European GIs will be subject to some exceptions. For a more detailed analysis of the GIs chapter, see http://www.origin-gi.com/activities/policy-and-advocacy/259-advocacy-origin-alerts/9202-18-04-2013-eu-canada-political-agreement-on-ceta.html


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