30/10/2017 – Press release:Transparency, dialogue & cooperation on Geographical Indications (GIs): oriGIn Worldwide GIs Compilation is now online

thumb pressreleasewebOver the years, GIs have achieved commercial and economic prominence worldwide, benefiting producers and consumers alike. While most countries recognise and protect GIs, both terminology and rules still differ. Moreover, in the absence of a multilateral register, countries have concluded a considerable number of bilateral and plurilateral agreements to ensure the recognition and protection of their GIs in foreign jurisdictions.

“Against this background, we are proud to publish today our GIs compilation, containing 7.699 GIs, which aims to bring some clarity and common language in the international GIs landscape. oriGIn Worldwide GIs Compilation lists in an alphabetical order all GIs currently protected in each and every jurisdiction around the world, notwithstanding the legal system and terminology adopted at the national level. While this compilation cannot be considered exhaustive, our efforts are an important step in promoting transparency with respect to a relevant economic reality – GIs – which has acquired a global dimension”, explains Massimo Vittori, Managing Director of oriGIn.

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Visit oriGIn worldwide GIs compilation @ http://www.origin-gi.com/member-area/origin-worldwide-gi-compilation.html

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