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The “oriGIn Alert” is a service to keep you updated on the latest GIs developments. It is also an opportunity for you to share relevant information with our worldwide network. In this edition, we have two contributions from members, Francine Tan (an associate member from Singapore) and from Iamandi Ştefan (a member from the National Office for Vine and Wine of Moldova).

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#Singapore: #EUSFTA: Registered GI Protection in Singapore expected sometime in 2019

 by Francine Tan, FRANCINE TAN LAW CORPORATION (email: ftan@francinetan.com)

Thanks to the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (“EUSFTA”) which was inked by Singapore and the EU in Brussels on October 19, 2018, the way has been paved for a high level of protection for GIs in Singapore. Following the GI Act 2014 which will come in to force with the ratification of the EUSFTA – Singapore will soon have a Registry of GIs. Applications for GI registration from the EU will be received once the EUSFTA has been ratified by the European Parliament by 2019.  

The EU is Singapore’s largest investor and third-largest trading partner. Negotiations started in 2010 and, in a season of rising protectionism, the signing of the EUSFTA is a beacon of light and an important milestone towards boosting confidence for investors and entrepreneurs.

The draft GI Rules 2018 provide, inter alia, for the filing of applications for the registration of GIs. They also sets out in detail the opposition procedure. Opposition to a published application can be filed within 6 weeks; the notice of opposition has to be accompanied by a Statutory Declaration setting out the evidence in support of the opposition. The procedures will be managed by the IPOS (the IP Office of Singapore).


#Moldova #Italy #Wine: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the National Office of Vine and Wine (NOVW) and the Italian Ministry of Agriculture

By Iamandi Ştefan, responsible of Vine and Wine Register (VWR), National Office for Vine and Wine (NOVW), (Email: siamandi@wineofmoldova.com

This year, the National Office of Vine and Wine (NOVW) signed an MoU with the Department of fraud repression of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture (“Ispettorato centrale della tutela della qualità e repressione frodi dei prodotti agroalimentari” – ICQRF).

Through the MoU, the parties established a channel for cooperation and exchange of information for the purpose of preventing and fighting any infringement in the production of and trade of wine products, both off line and on line, protecting consumers and ensuring compliance with intellectual property rights. The objective is also to improve the knowledge as well as the implementation in Moldova of the EU relevant regulations concerning wine, in particular with respect to PDO and PGI. The MoU was signed for a period of three years and will be implemented through a series of activities, including inspections, workshops and field visits to facilitate exchange of knowledge and best practices among the representatives of the wine industry.

More information @ http://www.wineofmoldova.com/news/the-national-office-of-vine-and-wine-and-the-ministry-of-agriculture-food-and-forestry-of-the-italian-republic-have-signed-a-memorandum-of-understanding/


#IPRs #Authenticity #Internet #JobCreation #Sustainability: oriGIn articles in prestigious international journals

In October, oriGIn published two articles in prestigious reviews to stress the importance of protecting GIs internationally and the role GIs play in the debate on sustainability.

The World Trade Mark Review published this contribution , in which oriGIn and the CCFN presented their alternative views on GIs protection. The article shows that GIs are relevant for several topics of growing importance: intellectual property, globalisation, roots, sustainability, authenticity, small producers, internet and job creation. It also clarifies that GIs are IPRs and any exception must be considered on a territorial basis. If you do not have a subscription to the Review, you can read the article here

The EU IPRs Helpdesk Bulletin published this article  in which oriGIn argues that GIs are in a strategic position to respond to the sustainability challenges of our time, and even represent a model for other economic sectors embarking on such a process. 


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