European Commission Civil Dialogue Group (CDG) “Quality and Promotion”

The role of this civil dialogue group will be to assist the Commission in maintaining a regular 
dialogue on all matters related to the policy on quality, on the one hand, and the policy of 
promotion of agricultural products, on the other.

The civil dialogue groups’ general tasks pursuant to the Commission decision will be:

  • (a) to maintain a regular dialogue on all matters relating to the common agricultural policy, including its implementation and new measures the Commission may be called on to take; 
  • (b) to exchange relevant experience and good practice;
  • (c) to advise the Commission on relevant policy;
  • (d) to deliver relevant opinions on request of the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development or on their own initiative; 
  • (e) to monitor relevant policy developments.

Civil dialogue group on quality and promotion 



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