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Read the four main reasons to be part of oriGIn and join our global network now  

Contribute to a More Effective Protection and Enforcement of GIs

Geographical Indications (GIs) contribute to preserve the quality and reputation of traditional origin products. Differentiating the production along its geographical origin provides revenues and pride to millions of producers and SMEs around the world. Likewise, as GIs convey valuable information concerning a given product’s characteristics, obtained in accordance with strict specifications, consumers greatly benefit from them.

As origin increasingly matters from a commercial point of view, GIs currently face the challenge of third parties trying to take advantage of their hard-earned reputation. For example, fake “Champagne” is sold as if it was an original product from the Champagne region in France, or products are marketed as “Colombian Coffee”, even though they do not contain 100% of coffee from that origin. As the phenomenon of GI misappropriation around the world is increasing, the reputation of traditional origin products as well as millions of jobs thriving around GIs are at stake. Why making the effort to produce a high quality good, abide by strict internal rules, and gain reputation in the marketplace, if other people can use a GI and exploit the reputation producers have built over decades/centuries of hard work?

At oriGIn, we think this is unfair. In response, we have become the voice of GI producers within the main international and regional fora, including the World Trade Organization (WTO), the European Union (EU), and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), etc.. In such fora, oriGIn regularly expresses its views in favor of a fair and transparent legal framework for the protection of GIs. Moreover, oriGIn helps its members reduce monitoring costs in foreign markets and reach out to policy makers in case of GI misappropriations – See Policy and Advocacy

Join oriGIn now and share with us your views and concerns about the protection and enforcement of GIs. We will take them on board and this will make our voice even stronger!


Unity is Strength

oriGIn represents today some 400 organisations of producers and other GI-related institutions from 40 countries. Through such a global network, GI groups and institutions exchange experience and “best-practices.” At our regular international events (conferences, exhibitions, round-tables, etc.) organisations of producers have the chance to meet other GI groups from all over the world facing similar challenges, as well as GI experts and potential business partners.

Thanks to its global nature, oriGIn has become a partner of several international actors working on GIs – See Events, Cooperation & Promotion Opportunities and Cooperation Projects The organisers of seminars, symposia and workshops on GIs team-up with oriGIn’s to have represented in such occasions the pragmatic and innovative point of view that our organisation always brings.


Knowledge is Power 

GIs have become a global phenomenon. As a result, national laws are rapidly evolving. Are you familiar with your national regulation concerning GIs? Do you know the applicable rules in foreign countries where you are (or wish to be) exporting? Are you aware of your national authorities’ position on international negotiations impacting on GIs? Does your organization wish to influence this process?

oriGIn provides invaluable technical support in the form of periodical reports, newsletters, studies, information on court decisions and national laws, as well as other material on GIs – See All You Need to Know About GIs. oriGIn’s network represents a unique source of information on the main subjects touching upon GIs (legal protection, quality control, marketing, sustainability, etc.).


Promote Sustainable Development

GIs play a key role in the sustainable development of local communities. Deeply rooted in a given culture and traditional knowledge, GIs contribute to ensure the conservation of local natural resources and biodiversity. Moreover, GIs prevent the delocalization of production. A GI can only be produced in a given area which confers the product – by virtue of its climate, “terroir” and/or human factors – its specific characteristics.

oriGIn is involved in various technical assistance projects aimed at helping producers and communities take full advantages of the local GI sustainable development potential – See Cooperation Projects . oriGIn also advocates for an increase in multilateral and bilateral funds devoted to GI-related projects.






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