oriGIn Alerts 02 February 2016: #EU #Promotion: #Opportunities GI groups interested in promotional activities

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#EU #Promotion: Opportunities for GI groups interested in promotional activities

Important opportunities are available in the following months for EU GI groups interested in promotional activities.

1. An information day on the 2016 calls for proposals within the framework of the new EU promotion policy for agricultural products (Regulation (EU) No 1144/2014, which provides for a co-financing rate of 70% for simple programs, 80% for multi programs and programs targeting third countries and 85% for programs in case of serious market disturbance) will take place in Brussels on 26 February. To participate, you will have to register online @ https://scic.ec.europa.eu/fmi/ezreg/AGRI-INFODAY2016


2. On 16-22 April 2016, Commissioner Hogan will be visiting China and Japan. Senior level representatives from both producer organisations and individual companies from key sectors in the EU trade with the two countries are welcome to join Commissioner Hogan.

Participants are expected to attend the whole program which lasts 6 days: China – April 16-19 and Japan – April 20-22. The mission will start with a visit to Shanghai (16 and 17 April), followed by Beijing (18-19 April) and Tokyo (20-22 April). Participants are expected to give presentations and speeches during business seminars and press events. The participants shall cover their travel and accommodation expenses. Only one person per company/organisation will officially take part in the business delegation.

Interested organisations/companies are invited to complete the application form and send it by email to agri-promotion-business-delegation@ec.europa.eu by 15 February 2016. Candidates are welcome to include a short description of their position on Chinese and/or Japanese markets, specific questions and problems, as well as their expectations. The European Commission will be able to confirm the participation of interested candidates by 1 March 2016.





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