oriGIn Alerts, 02 July 2015: #oriGIn #Simplification

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#oriGIn: Becoming a “match-making” platform for members interested in launching joint promotional campaigns

Regulation 1144/2014/EU on information provision and promotion measures concerning agricultural products implemented in the internal market and in third countries entered into force on November the 24th 2014 and will be applicable as of December the 1st 2015.

Leveraging on the experience gained by some of its members which have already benefited from promotion funds, oriGIn intends to become a “match-making” platform for GI groups from different EU countries interested in launching joint promotional campaigns, in particular in third countries (Regulation 1144/2014/EU will provide up to 80% of EU co-financing for multi programs targeting third countries).

In light of this, on 15 July 2015 in the afternoon, oriGIn will organize in Brussels a meeting among GI groups to come up with concrete proposals on the way oriGIn will work in the coming years to achieve this goal (see the Program)

Moreover, in the morning of 15 July, within the framework of the 10th round of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment partnership (TTIP) negotiations, a stakeholder engagement event will take place in Brussels: http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/events/index.cfm?id=1335 Given the crucial impact of the TTIP for GIs, we kindly invite our EU members to attend this event as well.


#Simplification: oriGIn paper on the debate for EU Quality Policy Simplification

The European Commission is currently discussing the possibility to simplify the EU quality policy, in particular with respect to the administrative aspects of the 4 existing GIs Regulations covering agricultural products and foodstuffs, wines, spirit drinks and aromatised wines.

oriGIn, following a consultation with its EU members, finalized a paper which was recently sent to the European Commission services 


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