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#China #Wine #Bordeaux #Counterfeiting #CriminalConvictions: Good news for the protection of GIs in China

Between December 2017 and July this year, the “Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux” (CIVB) won two cases in China concerning the appellation Bordeaux. 

The CIVB, which had registered the appellation both under the Chinese sui generis and the collective mark systems, obtained in both cases criminal convictions for the violation of the collective mark: in December 2017, two Chinese citizen were sentenced to 3 years in prison by the tribunal of Shanghai; In July this year, a distributor was condemned to 2 years in prison by a tribunal in the district of Shandong. While counterfeiting, especially in the wine sector, remains a major challenge in China, these rulings are encouraging for the protection of GIs in China. Moreover, the situation might improve in the following months with the conclusion of the EU/China stand-alone GIs agreement as well as the entry into force (expected early next year) of a new law targeting fake goods sold on China’s e-commerce sites. More information available @ https://www.winespectator.com/webfeature/show/id/Bordeaux-Scores-Wins-Over-Wine-Counterfeiters-in-China

If you are interested in knowing more about the GIs protection systems in China, you can consult oriGIn manual on the protection of GIs in the BRICs countries (pages 48 to 66)


#Peru #IPRs: Peru introduces Geographical Indications in its national law

On 7 September, through the Legislative Decree N.1397 Peru introduced Geographical Indications (as well as Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) under the scope of application of its national Intellectual Property law.

Together with Appellations of Origin already covered by the national law, the Geographical Indications’ scheme (the TRIPs definition is used in the Legislative Decree to define it) is now available in the country and will contribute to the development of rural communities, local producers and small enterprises. As of October 2018, 10 Appellations of Origin have been recognized in Peru – Have a look at oriGIn worldwide GIs Compilation to find more information about them..


#oriGInAfrica #OMPIC #Morocco: Consolidating the GIs network in Africa

Since December 2017, based on a strategic partnership between oriGIn and the “Office Marocain de la Propriété Industrielle et Commerciale” (OMPIC), the oriGIn Africa bureau is operational in Casablanca.

oriGIn Africa has the following objectives:

  1. Help African GIs to obtain recognition and technical assistance funds;
  2. Finalize and keep updated a database of African potential GIs (as well as technical assistance projects in the field of GIs), which will complement oriGIn worldwide GIs compilation;
  3. Help oriGIn members to obtain institutional contacts for GIs and trademark related issues in Morocco (OMPIC) as well as IP offices and other relevant national/regional authorities in the rest of Africa. 

 If you need to contact oriGIn Africa, you can write to: 

Ms Céline MEYER
Africa representative – oriGIn
RS 114 km 9,5 Route de Nouasseur, Sidi Maârouf,
Casablanca, Morocco
+(212) 5 22 58 64 85

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