oriGIn Alerts, 05 March 2015: #Promotion

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#Promotion: European campaign to promote PDO/PGI in China

The EU is currently negotiating a bilateral GI Agreement with China, which is expected to be finalized in the first part of this year. Meanwhile, DG Agri is organizing a compressive information and promotion campaign on European PDO/PGI in China. Such campaign – “Tastes of Europe” – has the following objectives:

– To create awareness among Chines consumers and media about European PDO/PGI;

– To strengthen the links between European producers and Chinese importers, distributors and retailers;

– To show the Chinese authorities (AQSIQ, MOA, SAIC, MofCom) the value of the EU GI system;

– To help EU GI groups fight counterfeiting in China.

The campaign will be launched in Beijing on May 6, at the occasion of the diplomatic celebration for the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the EU and China (See the program). Following this, a GI Market Place Roadshow will be organized at 7 different shopping malls across Beijing, one event in each of the remaining months of 2015 (See the program).

EU GI producers are welcome to participate with the samples and other promotional material of the GI they represent at the launch event or any of the Roadshow dates. To do so, you should complete the “launch event attendee application”. In this respect, please note the following:

– There will be a limit of 100 places (in case of a large number of requests, the priority criteria will be: products of the first list of 100 EU GIs to be protected in the framework of the bilateral GI agreement between the EU and China, balance between Member States, each product present at least at one roadshow and first come-first served basis);

– All travel and logistics costs incurred in attending the event will be borne by the attendees.

For more information, please contact Tastesofeurope-china@development-solution.eu

The full letter we received from the European Commission and were invited to share with our members is available HERE 



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