oriGIn Alerts 06 February 2017: Survey on GIs & Sustainability

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Survey on GIs & Sustainability

Dear member,

Over the last years, several brands and retailers have developed a clearly defined sustainability strategy. While the concept of sustainability presents many links with notion of Geographical Indications (GIs), the sector has not yet agreed on sustainability priorities.

In this context, oriGIn is working with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) on the identification of sustainability priorities for GIs. Defining such priorities would help GIs to respond to the economic, social and environmental challenges brought about by sustainability as well as to build alliances to overcome them.

The objective of oriGIn and the FAO is to provide guidelines for those GIs that wish to develop a sustainability policy. Such guidelines would also be instrumental to develop strategic partnerships with other stakeholders (such as retailers).

To help us in this exercise, we have designed the following short baseline survey that we kindly request you to fill by before 20 February. It will only take 5 minutes to reply. Please click here to go to the survey

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Kind regards,

The oriGIn team 



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