oriGIn Alerts 09 February 2016: #EU #Promotion #CallsforProposals #TTIP #Stakeholders

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#EU #Promotion #CallsforProposals

In the framework of the new EU promotion policy for agricultural products (Regulation (EU) No 1144/2014), the first Calls for proposals have been published on 4 February 2016:

Single programs: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/en/TXT/PDF/?uri=OJ:JOC_2016_041_R_0003 (deadline for submitting applications: 28 April 2016)

Multi programs: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/en/TXT/PDF/?uri=OJ:JOC_2016_041_R_0004 (deadline for submitting applications: 28 April 2016)

For priority markets and funds available, see also the 2016 annual work program @ http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/promotion/annual-work-programmes/2016/index_en.htm

oriGIn is helping its EU members to find suitable partners to submit joint proposals. If you are looking for a partner, please send an email to Ida Puzone (ida@origin-gi.com) and let her know:

  • The sector (meat, cheese, wine, spirit, fruits, etc..) of the GI group you wish to partner with;
  • The market/s you are interested to carry our promotional campaigns;
  • If you are attending the information day on the 2016 calls for proposals, organized by the European Commission in Brussels on February 26 (https://scic.ec.europa.eu/fmi/ezreg/AGRI-INFODAY2016/start), the name of the person who will represent your association.


#TTIP #Stakeholders

On Wednesday 24th February, during the 12th round of the Transatlantic Trade & Investment partnership (TTIP) negotiations, the European Commission organizes a stakeholders event.

This represents an opportunity for GI Groups to meet the TTIP negotiators, deliver a 5-minute presentation on their expectations for GIs in the TTIP and support the GIs in the context of such complex negotiation. To see what oriGIn and its members have done in previous TTIP stakeholders events, see http://www.origin-gi.com/site_content/117-news/6761-16-07-2014-origin-ttip-stakeholder-presentations-events.html

If your association wishes to participate in the 24 February TTIP stakeholders event, please:

i. Subscribe by Monday 15 February @ http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/events/index.cfm?id=1453
ii. Contact our Director Massimo Vittori (massimo@origin-gi.com) to coordinate the key messages to transmit to the TTIP negotiators.




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