oriGIn Alerts 13 February 2017: #Habanos #EU #Indonesia #Bilaterals #EU #Promotion

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#Habanos: The “Festival del Habano” 19th edition

From 27 February to 3 March, “La Habana” will host the 19th edition of “Festival del Habano”, with some 3.000 professionals expected to gather there to celebrate the Cuban GI “Habano”.

The Festival is an amazing opportunity to learn about the qualities, production process as well as tradition of the GI “Habanos”, with planned visits to plantations in “Vuelta Abajo”, in the province of “Pinar del Río” as well as to emblematic production sites. Other events include an international seminar, a trade fair as well as the “International Habanosommelier Contest”. Likewise, in line with the strategy of the group in charge of the GI – “Habanos SA” (a member of oriGIn) – to promote its cooperation with other GIs, the Italian wine “Chianti” will have a special role within the Festival, being served for instance in combination with “Habanos” and cheese at the closing gala dinner. A partnership between “Habanos SA” and the “Consorzio Chianti” is in place since 2014.

Find more information @ http://www.habanos.com/en/noticias/vuelve-el-festival-del-habano-2017/ 


#EU #Indonesia #Bilaterals: Texts proposed by the EU for the FTA with Indonesia

On 7 February, the European Commission made available the texts proposed in the context of the trade negotiations with Indonesia. They represent the EU’s initial negotiating position.

Sub-section 4 (page 15 of Intellectual Property Chapter available @ http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/docs/2017/february/tradoc_155281.pdf) deals with GIs. The proposal provides an exchange of GIs lists to be protected in the counterpart’s jurisdiction as well as a solid level of GIs protection, including against evocation. An important provision of the EU proposal (Article X.33.2, page 16), provides that both the EU and Indonesian GIs protected under the agreement cannot become generic in the territories of the 2 parties.


#EU #Promotion: Commissioner Hogan visit to Canada

From 1 to 3 May 2017, Mr. Phil Hogan – EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development – will be visiting Canada accompanied by a delegation of European companies and producer organizations. GI Groups/companies interested in participating in the business delegation can apply online until 3 March 2017 @ http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/events/commissioner-phil-hogan-official-visit-canada-1-452017_en 

The delegation will participate at the inauguration of the SIAL Toronto 2017 fair, including the official opening of the EU pavilion on 2 May. 





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